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8. Create good circulation and stage your home.

  • A homes circulation referes to the flow of foot traffic. A hoems floorplan has a bi impact on this and is often difficult to change without a good amount of expense. However there are other factors such as furnature placement. Make sure you furnature is not obstructing the circulation of the homes floorplan. You want your furnature to compilment your home and its floor plan and not be an obstacle.
  • Further more, staging your home can make a big difference. Make sure all rooms are clean of clutter. Place fresh flowers in the entry hall, kitchen, or bathroom. Make sure clean towels are hanging in the bathroom. Keep the beds made and the furnature in its place. Again, you want the furnature and accessories in you home to compliment the space, not detract from it.
7. Let your light shine! Bright open rooms feel larger and more inviting. Dark rooms feel small and gloomy.
  • Replace all worn out light bulbs, and make sure the light switches are working properly.
  • Make sure all light fixtures are working and are not broken.
  • Put 100-watt light bulbs in: Porch lights, Carports, the Garage, Storage rooms, and Closets.
6. Paint:
  • You will be amazed at the difference a fresh coat of paint will make. Over the years the paint on walls will begin to fade. A fresh new coat will brighten your home and give it a well taken care of and updated look.
  • Be careful to stay away from colors that are too strong. Its best to use neutral colors, thereby appealing to the majority of personalities. If your color choice is too bold, it may be a big turn off for some buyers.
  • Do not paint your walls white. Often white walls will appear cold and will lack character. Choose something warm, yet not over powering.

1. Deep Clean & De-clutter: Make your move easier by getting some of it done ahead of time. This will also greatly improve the way your home shows.

  • Pay attention to the details here. Clean windows, window coverings, baseboards, appliances, and closets.
  • De-clutter everyroom, but focus on the kitchen, family rooms, bedrooms & closets. Box up all your winter clothes/gear and put them in storage. Donate items you no longer use. The goal here is to show how spacious your home is and the best way to do it is to remove the clutter.

3. Complete that nagging "To Do/Repairs List"

  • We all have one.  Just grit your teath and get it done. Often the items on our "to do" list seem small and we have probably lived with them incomplete for years, but remember getting Top Dollar for your home is all in the details.

4. Yard Work!

  • Winter often leaves our yards looking worn and filled with debry. This is easily remedied by some good raking and tilling of the flower beds. Also fertilizing your lawn will make a huge difference.

5. Do a thorough property inspection:

  • If you do this yourself, be nit picky and make a list of what needs attention. Once you have giving everything a thorough inspection, make the repairs or improvements.
  • This will not only make a big difference on how a buyer views your home during an initial showing but it will also mitigate any "nit picky" items the buyers inspector may find and will shorten the inspection report he gives to the buyers. Thereby giving you a stronger negotiating position.
  • Highering a professional home inspector to do a pre-listing home inspection can also be beneficial as they will undoubtably find more issues needing attention than you would be able to on your own.

2. Eliminate Odors:

  • Be careful not to over use air fresheners. If your home smells overly strong of air fresheners buyers will begin to wonder what unpleasant odor you are trying to cover up
  • Instead of an air freshener try baking cookies or boiling cinnamon before a showing. You may laugh, but it works....
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